The days are long gone when we would see people walking around with bulky cameras strapped around their neck and taking pictures of the various attractions around town. The present and the future is all about taking pictures from our mobile phones and everywhere we go – whether at a basketball game, on the busy streets of New York, or eating at our favorite restaurant – more and more individuals can be seen taking “selfies” with their smartphones attached to a giant pole which is commonly known as a “selfie stick”.

Selfie sticks came into existence in the 1990s but with the growth of mobile phone cameras as well as the need to document all that we do, the sticks have now become a common sight around the photo-taking world. Listed as one of the best inventions in 2014 by the Times Magazine, selfie sticks are basically a metal stick that can be attached to your smartphone as well as digital cameras to take great pictures of you and your group. The metal sticks are extremely ergonomic, with a handle on one side and an adjustable clamp on the other side that can be used to position a smartphone or a camera beyond the normal range of our arm.

Advantages of a selfie stick:

The main purpose of the latest trend is that you don’t have to ask a stranger or a passerby to take a picture of you or your group. By using a selfie stick, you are more likely to capture better and wider angles of yourself as well as shoot more stable images and videos.

How to connect your phone to a selfie stick?

A selfie stick can be connected to your smartphone or digital camera via Bluetooth or a cable with a 3.5m jack which can be plugged into your smartphone’s headphone port. With the Bluetooth option, the user can pair their phone to the stick, slide their smartphone or camera into the clamp and capture images and videos by clicking the camera button located on the stick’s handle.

The cable feature is recommended for common use and allows easy connectivity via the tiny coiled cable on the top of the selfie stick that can be plugged into the smartphone when it’s mounted or clamped in place. The cable option is easy and convenient as it doesn’t require any charging or pairing of the device. To take selfies, all you have to do is press the camera button on the stick and snap away.

Whether you hate ‘em or love ‘em, there’s no way to get around the selfie trend. Even celebrities have enthusiastically caught on with the trend. It is a must-have accessory for any smartphone. Craig Electronics Inc. has selfie sticks in all shapes and sizes at an affordable price. Visit us at to see our wide range of products and accessories.